Amid urban challenges, Smart Street Lighting emerges as a crucial yet often underestimated element of city infrastructure. Each country has millions of lighting points, prompting the question: How can we make this infrastructure smarter and more efficient?

This is where the concept of Smart Street Lighting comes in, an approach that goes beyond the simple act of illuminating streets and squares.

Imagine cities where lighting not only provides safety and quality of life but also integrates into a connected device ecosystem, driving the Internet of Things (IoT) and fueling the development of Smart Cities. This is the scenario we are exploring in this article.

Let’s dive into this fascinating universe, discovering how Smart Street Lighting is shaping the future of cities.

Street Lighting and Internet of Things

Street Lighting plays a fundamental role in urban areas worldwide, with approximately millions of lighting points scattered across various locations.

These fixtures not only offer essential lighting for citizens but also represent a unique opportunity to integrate devices and implement the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling real-time data collection about the urban environment.

The concept of Smart Cities arises from the intersection of Street Lighting, IoT, and sustainability. Cities like Songdo in South Korea are leading the way by prioritizing energy efficiency and citizens’ quality of life.

IoT plays a crucial role in this scenario, enabling the creation of smarter and connected infrastructures, promoting sustainability, innovation, and urban efficiency.

Incorporating IoT into Street Lighting management is essential to drive this transformation and create smarter and more sustainable cities worldwide.

Software for Controlling Street Lighting

Software designed for Street Lighting control should offer a range of functionalities to ensure efficient and transparent management. This includes essential features such as comprehensive contract management, from the initial phase to the execution and monitoring of services.

Also, a centralized operations dashboard is essential to simplify operation, ensuring that the database is periodically updated through georeferenced registration, allowing a comprehensive and real-time view of all Street Lighting assets.

Another crucial feature is the availability of various service channels, such as a call center, mobile application, and remote management, as well as integrations with other systems, ensuring that citizens can report lighting issues easily and quickly, and field teams can respond promptly to demands.

These features provide more agile, efficient, and customer-oriented management, significantly improving the quality of services provided.

Meet Exati

Exati is a leader in solutions for Street Lighting management in Brazil, known for its expertise and efficiency.

Its software offers a comprehensive set of features, from complete contract management to real-time monitoring through a georeferenced operations dashboard.

Additionally, Exati provides various service channels, including a mobile application, integrated call center, and remote management, ensuring effective communication between the city and its citizens.

With detailed and customized reports, Exati’s software allows for a deep analysis of the Street Lighting system’s performance, facilitating strategic decision-making.

Whether managing service orders intelligently, monitoring tickets in real-time, or recording georeferenced data, Exati is the ideal partner to make Street Lighting management more efficient and technologically advanced.

Go Beyond Smart Street Lighting

Smart Street Lighting is more than a necessity; it is an essential component to drive the Internet of Things (IoT) and transform cities into safer and more efficient environments.

As we have seen, specialized software plays a fundamental role in this management, offering features ranging from complete contract management to the provision of various service channels.

In this scenario, Exati stands out as a leader in solutions for Street Lighting management, providing efficiency, transparency, and effective communication between the city and its citizens.

With a complete range of features and detailed reports, Exati promotes intelligent and technologically advanced Street Lighting management. Discover how Exati promotes Smart Street Lighting.