In the face of the growing demand for efficiency in urban management, the need for innovative solutions to optimize Street Lighting arises. In this context, the use of Street Lighting Management Software becomes crucial.

But why adopt it? Explore with us the advantages and functionalities of this system, capable of revolutionizing how cities manage their lighting infrastructure.

Types of companies that can benefit from Street Lighting Software

Public entities, such as municipalities, and private companies can take advantage of street lighting management software. ANEEL, through normative resolution No. 414, assigns municipalities the competence for this service. Therefore, municipalities are responsible for its management.

However, private companies also see value in adopting this software, especially in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). In these cases, the responsibility for Street Lighting is shared between the public sector and private companies. Thus, efficient software is crucial to monitor, maintain, and optimize the system, promoting more effective and sustainable urban management.

5 advantages of Street Lighting Software

Street Lighting software offers a range of benefits that optimize management from initiation to execution. Here are five key advantages:

  1. Comprehensive contract management

Street Lighting software allows comprehensive contract management, from the initial bidding phase to the execution and monitoring of services. This includes tracking deadlines, contractual conditions, and the performance of service providers, ensuring efficient and transparent management.

  1. Personalized multichannel support

With the ability to receive service requests through various channels such as apps, websites, WhatsApp, and Call Center, municipalities can provide more agile and personalized service to citizens. This allows direct and effective communication, resulting in a better experience for the end user.

  1. Centralized and georeferenced operations dashboard

A centralized and georeferenced operations dashboard provides a comprehensive real-time view of all Street Lighting assets.

This simplifies operational management, allowing detailed tracking of the location and condition of each lighting point, facilitating the identification of areas that require maintenance or repair.

  1. Intelligent service order management

With the use of Street Lighting management software, it is possible to quickly and efficiently send service orders to field teams.

Advanced filtering features allow prioritization of requests based on criteria such as location, type of service, and urgency, ensuring effective resource allocation and a more agile response to community demands.

  1. Georeferenced record and data-driven decision-making

The georeferenced record of all Street Lighting assets provides a solid foundation for strategic decision-making.

By having access to detailed information about the location, condition, and history of each lighting point, managers can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement, guiding future enhancements and ensuring more efficient and sustainable management.

Exati: your partner for lighting management software

Exati is a lighting management software that features dozens of functionalities directly impacting the lighting management of public or private companies. Below, you can learn about some of these functionalities:

Centralization of service requests

Service requests are grouped on a general control screen, avoiding information duplication and optimizing the movement of field teams.

Inventory management

Know how much material has been used and the available stock, enabling immediate procurement to ensure necessary supplies.

Centralized information

Identify all requests and field teams, along with information from registered points in the occurrence panel, avoiding redundancies and duplicate entries.

Real-time report

Request reports on management, materials, team productivity, and tasks completed, obtaining valuable insights for decision-making.

Data visualization

Visualize information in the form of customized graphs and performance indicators for each contract, ensuring compliance with NBR 5101 protocols.

Ticket monitor

Track in real-time the number of open tickets, in the field for repair, and other valuable information for efficient service management.

Installed items

Have total control over the material used, enabling analysis of monthly expenses and resource optimization.

Additionally, Exati offers additional features such as:

  • Receipt of tickets via asset identification, facilitating location and field correction;
  • Planning modernization or expansion projects more easily;
  • Generation of detailed reports on the inventory of lamps and other materials;
  • Estimation of the energy bill for comparison with the utility invoice.

Want to know more? Get to know Exati and its specifics.